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Toxic Assett Refinery

Toxic Assett Refinery

With all the hoopla about the elements of the financial sector that have jeopardized or economy, does any one really understand the forces at work our the long term outcome of government intervention???

Obama's Biggest Losers

Obama’s Biggest Losers

No one has any real love for the fat cat CEO’s of the major American automobile manufacturers, but who is affected the most by President Obama’s recent announcement to let Chrysler and GMC fall into bankruptcy. I don’t believe that Bob Nardelli or Rick Wagoner will be upset about shedding the extra weight caused by paying workers a fair wage, providing employee insurance and honoring retiree benefits.

The Presidential Circus

The Presidential Circus

In my short history I have never seen a newly elected president in the public spotlight so often. President Barack Obama has promised so much to the American people but can he really live up to everything he says. I do not doubt his integrity, more that he has a lot on his plates and I wouldn’t really blame him a bit for taking a few days off for “Barack Time”. TURN OFF THE BRIGHT LIGHTS!!! God forbid the man take a day off or enjoy some basketball like the rest of us.

Judicial Health Plan

Judicial Health Plan

At what point do we draw the line between parental neglect and the freedom to choose how one lives and dies. I know where I stand. When I broke my arm, the ER could not figure out what was wrong and gave me some pain killers. Two visits to my acupuncturist and the arm I could not move regained full mobility. If parents feel the same way I do about alternative medicine compared to western medicine, then they should tell the judicial system should mind its own business. How can a judge honestly think that justice is arresting a mother who does not wish to subject her dying child to chemotherapy? If the doctors pursing this case have actual proof of abuse that extend beyond enacting legal guardianship for a minor then I might not be so peeved.


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    • Thanks for the feedback. I need to do some more of these but have been swamped with video work. Hopefully over the summer I can post some more.

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