Photo Serial Work

This body of work is designed around the idea of storytelling and how the use of personification and photography can be used to create episodic serialistic work. The Arch Nemesis and Hero’s Faithful Companion is a series devoted to creating an alternative story line based on Master’s of the Universe characters Skeletor and Cringer/Battlecat as they are represented as living toys thrust into an unknown world of humans.

Arch Nemesis and Heros Companion Exhibition

Each series of photographs is paired with a written text that supplements the story. The works have been shown both as separate images and displayed as as  set with the accompanying text as seen below.

The Arrival
From a time long ago when animations were created as a means to advertise toys, two characters – The Arch Nemesis and the Hero’s Faithful Companion find themselves alone and destitute in a new time and place of giant proportions. Can they put their past differences aside and work together to brave this new world?

The Long Road Ahead
The Arch Nemesis and the Hero’s Faithful Companion find themselves on a long strange road of rough terrain. It seems like a pathway of some kind but they cannot fathom what large machines must traverse such rails. The Hero’s Faithful Companion suggests that this part of their voyage would be easier on the metal beams and invites the Arch Nemesis to ride on his back as he can run much faster in hopes of avoiding the machines that are the masters of this path. Where will their journey take them next? Will they find a way back to the people and places that are familiar?

Startled Awakening
The Arch Nemesis is awoken in a panic by the Hero’s Faithful Companion. There appears to be giants surrounding them and walking in all different directions in some kind of oval shaped labyrinth of hardened stone and grass. The Arch Nemesis sees no way to escape at this time. The Hero’s Faithful Companion suggests that they are safe among the trees until nightfall. The giants surely must sleep? The wonders of this world are proving to be limitless. Will the two lost, for the time being, companions make it to night fall? Or will the giants find their location and force unspeakable acts upon them?

The Land of Tall Grass
So the story continues… The Arch Nemesis and the Hero’s Faithful Companion managed to avoid the Oval Giants and now find themselves in a land of tall grass. After braving through almost no visibility they see a beacon of hope, sunlight and a geyser of some sort.Upon further investigation the water appears to be spraying into the air from the middle of a vast mirrored lake. Finally, water and a chance to relax! Is this a turning point for the two wanders or will there be more surprises ahead?

Turbulent Tides
When we last left the two lost wanders they had seen a beacon of hope in the reflections of a mirrored lake. After a day of relaxation, the weather has turned for the worst and the lake and geyser have evolved into a deadly whirlpool. The Hero’s Faithful Companion cannot escape the tidal force of the waters. The Arch Nemesis must make a choice. Does he save the Hero’s Faithful Companion who previous has stood by the hero and thwarted the Arch Nemesis‘s every attempt at obtaining power, or does he change his evil ways, at least for now, and except that they have both been dealt a terrible hand and must work together to survive this uncanny land? Is this the end of the Hero’s Faithful Companion? What choice will be made? 

Choice and Consequence
Realizing he would be alone in this strange new world The Arch Nemesis decides he must save The Hero’s Faithful Companion from the turbulent waters of the mirrored lake. To escape anymore hazards The Arch Nemesis drags the barely conscious Hero’s Faithful Companion to a grassy plateau with high marble cliffs in the shape of numbers. Trying to help the Hero’s Faithful Companion breath and regain his bearings, the two wanders do not notice they are being watched in the distance. Without warning short strangers appear surrounding the two announcing their presence. “We are the Ninja Clan Carroll!” The Hero’s Faithful Companion is in no shape to run or fight, and if The Arch Nemesis had not chosen to save him and try to help him they would not be surrounded at this moment. Who are these Ninjas? What do they want? Are they Friend or are they Foe?


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