As a student at The Ohio State university I spent much of my early career exploring landscape and portraiture. In the early 2000’s I had to adjust my approach to art making when I lost the ability to hold a brush in my hands. Ever since I have continued to find news ways to explore painting through meditation practices, performances, and use of non-traditional tools.

Robotic Performance Paintings

The Robotic Performance Painting series is a brand new body of work I have been working on since 2016 and debuted int eh summer of 2018. The work is an explores the intersection of human control and programmed robotic random object avoidance through self portrait, documentation of performance, and use of a robotic vacuum cleaner as the mark making tool.

Pushing back at Pennington

Meditation Wall Scroll Paintings

These paintings represent my longest running series of works that are created through a meditation practice inspired by a single song that evokes the emotional engagement with the colors of the paint and the canvas.

Earth Song 2010

Earth Song 2010


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